Binary Moon Comic
Binary Moon Comic

8 comments on “Page 158

  1. someone says:

    Then maybe he or they find themselves shrunken in a girl’s stomach, and she vomits them out…

  2. Uranus explorer says:

    Is it strange that I started to hear sound garden on the 3rd to last frame?

  3. Boss Raven says:

    Well, this got even stranger.

  4. Dirty L says:

    Lol I thought Ron was already deep in the rabbit hole. Seems things are going to get even more interesting. I’m thinking they can form a human popsicle!

  5. Jimmy Schlong says:

    Things happening!!! Where the adventure off to next?

  6. Razordick says:

    Farting in reverse. Nice

  7. lca4eva says:

    Reverse fart? Things just got even more interesting…

  8. buttlova95 says:

    I’ve heard of a Black Hole, but this is ridiculous!!! Lmao!!

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