Binary Moon
Binary Moon

19 comments on “Page 112

  1. Razordick says:

    Dat is pussy. I’m foaming at the mouth.

  2. L says:

    “Dat is pussy ” more like dat is love.

  3. Renee Lee says:


  4. SomeRandomo says:

    Heart farts?


  5. Scaramanga Silk says:

    bubbles out of the butthole?

    seems romantic and just in time for Valentines Day!!!!

  6. NomisTT says:

    If only all of the sweet girls could fart this way 😉

  7. SabinicThigh says:

    Both hilarious and sexy, cant wait to see what the blonde one is capable of.

  8. Justin.S says:

    Man that’s preety hot and Fart bubble hearts comming out of her rear lol, is this for Valentines Day :-)?.

  9. Justin.S says:

    “Also who is that in the bubble :-)?

  10. NomisTT says:

    That is Femmie…coming out of Femmie’s ass 😉

  11. Tarp says:

    Is it going to be much longer before she snaps back to reality?

  12. NomisTT says:

    That we shall have to see! Stay tuned 😉

  13. Justin.S says:

    Lol XD weird interpretation of Femmie lol, I know also who could it represent

  14. NomisTT says:

    Really? Who does it represent in your mind? 😉

  15. koflegend says:

    Just a lovely heart butt bubble.

  16. Darkburst78 says:

    I guess you could say Femmie was up her own ass. Can’t say I blame her its a really nice ass 🙂

  17. Rodrigo says:

    Oh man. I waited a week for a fart of hearts? I thought Silva would show up farting 🙁

  18. NomisTT says:

    Patience my friend 😉 Currently we’re having some technical difficulties, sorry about the delay. But we have a new header!

  19. bob says:

    Love stinks!

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