Binary Moon Comic
Binary Moon Comic
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This erotic comic was created with the rarity of the bottomlessly attired female for our readers viewing pleasure. The storyline is influenced through readers and fans, so we would strongly encourage your input by commenting or sending private messages.

We aim to have at least one page added weekly.

We would also like to remind our readers that all depictions are a work of fiction and fall within the realm of imagination and fantasy.

Binary Moon idea and creation by NomisTT

Layout, Artwork, and Design by By The Time Art Studios.

Web Development by Dorian Lyder.




6 comments on “About

  1. MaTRiXHaTeR4402 says:

    Hello there. I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your art — the smell fetish material especially — and would love to see more smelly boy material if you don’t mind. Either way, I’m a fan of your work and will be looking forward to more great content. I wish there were more artists into this fetish, bro.

    1. NomisTT says:

      Hi there! Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, Binary Moon is mainly geared towards straight material where women are the more smelly offenders! However, if you want male material I’d be happy to take it up as a commission. Just send an email anytime. Thanks again!

  2. GothGirl01 says:

    Love the site, keep up the great work!

  3. Narutojz says:

    The collision of two moons, a symbolic metaphor I would say, for the roundness of female butt cheeks. The Binary moon comic is nothing like we have seen before, yes there are glorious fighting scenes; yes there are erotic female characters, but why the hell are they not wearing pants?!

    This erotic action combo brings us into a fantasy world where women are bottomless, around the street, down the corner, in a supermarket, on the disco floor. They are pretty much bottomless every where. Browsing through pages and pages of boring and dull websites, I finally came across the page that I will never forget. Spherical bubble butts loomed into my vision, a rush of adrenaline surged through my body. I am truly amazed. From going into a face to face duel with outlandish monsters, to joining and training in the secret military service, and sometimes stumbling upon the bar with the squad to have a drink of “fancy shots”. Not only is the drawing that is sensational, but also the tightly packed story line that brings the readers to click “next page”.

    Bumsee fly files is what they call it, this is my favourite comic of all times. Down in the peaceful towns of the Binary world, there are ordinary families with ordinary lives, enjoying their day to day activities. However I would say some familes are more open than the others! Two families, two scenarios, but all of them are related to female flatulence. Our boy here has a weird yet funny relation with his mother and sister, “curious hands spreading the big fat booty of his mom’s”. The erotic storyline and breathtaking art goes in a heavenly combination, I will never be able to take my eyes of that! This indeed is something amazing, but I only encourage eproctophiliac (Fart Fetishist) to view it as not everyone might find it “a pleasing to the eyes”.

    I would also like to bring to a fact that these comics are not porn or hentai, nor am I promoting hentai or porn. Yes they do contain certain erotic elements, but most importantly it is mainly the elements of the beauty of a natural body and some humorous scenes that brings stress away. “Bottomless” is not equivalent to porn, I think that people these days are over-exaggerating the word “porn”. Hereby I plead all audience to view it with a mature and open heart, don’t ruin the experience for the others, while you can have the opportunity to click leave.

    Binary Moon and Bumsee fly files are two astonishing pieces of creation. Over my past years of comic, manga reading, anime watching, I have never came across things so creative. It adds a spark of fun in my day to day life, it is truly memorable. Having said this much, I will not spoil it for you, it has to be you to witness and experience it all.

  4. Qualmful says:

    Heard that. It sure does fill a void.

  5. TonyNagal21 says:

    Only 7 pages in and I’am already captivated. Being a huge fan of bottomless porn/hentai this fills the huge void that I have been search for many years.

    Look forward to future posts!

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