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Binary Moon
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Cousins make…

Artwork by Marcos Crot

5 comments on “Cousins make…

  1. Boss Raven says:

    This… Is perfect! Utterly amused about this. Not only for the story, the artwork and consideration put in this is amazing.

    Kudos to the artist.

  2. Andre Instinct says:

    “Oh man, that’s awesome!”

    His cousins are so sweet and lovely. 🙂

  3. Qualmful says:

    Well, ain’t THAT some beautiful scenery.

    Oh, and uh, that’s a pretty country road, too. X)

  4. Ross lee says:

    Cousin really the best

  5. Fredi says:

    Big butts!
    As their are his cousin
    This is genetic! xD

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