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Doesn’t smell like flowers!

Who’s flatulence does really?

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6 comments on “Doesn’t smell like flowers!

  1. Andre says:

    Love that they’re both barefoot. 😀

    Yet another lovely comical erotica.

  2. Lightswitch says:

    I like the complete shift in art style. I’ll have to admit that the humor itself feels a bit too juvenile but at least the kids seem to be having a good time. Something about their skin reminds me of 2 bottomless action heroes though ;p

  3. NomisTT says:

    This comic was done by a Brazilian artist actually 🙂

  4. Justin says:

    Funny stuff man funny stuff. This is probably the best comic by JA ever! :D.

  5. NomisTT says:

    Thanks man. Might I ask what you like about this the most? 😉

  6. Boss Raven says:

    Heh… Impressive.

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