Binary Moon
Binary Moon
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Page 131

Line art provided by guest artist Marcos Crot! Colouring by us at Buy the Time Studios.

17 comments on “Page 131

  1. Oddrich says:

    The pussy looks like a smile XD

  2. Freddy-Kun says:

    The last part was very delicious!

  3. koflegend says:

    Nice view

  4. Jocking in Ketosis says:

    love the pink starfish and lips….this femme character makes me as us brits like to say want to wank it

  5. Gym Slip says:

    New Binary Moon inspired EP…4 tracks of pure aural pleasure.

    – Gym Slip

  6. Anonymous says:

    Really love the artwork for this one. Colours too.

  7. NomisTT says:

    Nothing seems to be phasing Jimmy nah. The man just passing through dreams like Rocco through a young lady’s rectum 😀

  8. Dansy D says:

    wait wtf just happened…..

    they buss through something?

    Like Jimmy Schlong know what going on here!!?

  9. JS record says:

    shit…ah stickin

    now caught this update… whats in the backpack
    reminds me of danse dan some how……..

    Ron keep asking a bunch of flickin question like a bam bam

    – JS

  10. Razordick says:

    Like she mix wit baboon? Pink pink yuh panty stink.

  11. Narutojz says:

    What a view!

  12. NomisTT says:

    See the page before this one 😉

  13. Qualmful says:

    That seems like a specific city. Is it?

  14. Bloodknight says:

    She eating too much scorpion pepper to make that bamcee hole so pink lol

  15. Hans Rickheit says:

    Nice composition on the last panel!

  16. koflegend says:

    Where is this dream going I wonder.

  17. L says:

    That butt-hole is unnaturally pink for her colour. Like she was already jamming with Jimmy Schlong on the boat.

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