Binary Moon
Binary Moon

14 comments on “Page 132

  1. Gym Slip says:

    Something strange in the clouds a yonder!

    Jam from Gym Slip

  2. Freddy-Kun says:

    Femmie and her kissable butt and her delicious anus! Very good

  3. koflegend says:


  4. NomisTT says:

    Why can we not have both? From another fellow jocker 😉

  5. smallest gun says:

    that gun look big like nosey toti in the oscar winning movie Santino Lee and Friends!

  6. keto jockin says:

    hmmmmm everyone suited up for anal action or just action?

  7. Qualmful says:

    “No peeking while I change.”


    Okay… (shrug)

  8. Anonomitz says:

    “Let’s check there first.”

    Okay, but only if you lead.

  9. D says:

    Action time… Henshin a go go baby

  10. rmslee121 says:

    Hmmmmmm what will they be needing those for?

  11. Narutojz says:

    Dangerously hot…I agree!

  12. JS says:

    So much suspense here…… butts, mystery …..inspiration

  13. L says:

    Yeah. Their definitely still tripping. Peeking is rude if your caught btw 😉

  14. Razordick says:

    Timeless work

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