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Page 135

Line art by Sixul. Colouring by us.

15 comments on “Page 135

  1. Lol0l0 says:

    Nice sexy tatooed booty 🙂 I really bet she could ride

  2. spaghetti says:

    ok so basically im monkey uwu xdddddddddddddddddddddd

  3. Lucycalus says:

    Best comic ever

  4. Eggballer says:

    Any chance we could get more of Asian Biker Girl?

  5. Someone says:

    Anonomitz hopefully, the ordinance only permits women below age 40 to be bottomless…

  6. Someone says:

    Poopsing? Yeah, she might need to poop! She should just let some out while riding! Would be interesting seeing the turds flying out as they are zooming along! Lord knows we’ve had a whole person come out of a girl’s butt in this comic!

  7. Anonomitz says:

    I love how in post-ordinance Trinidad there seem to be hot young ladies walking around all over the place. Though one would have to imagine the “camera” is surgically avoiding all the older women who have chosen to adapt to the ordinance by shrugging “eh” and abandoning pants along with their daughters and granddaughters. =)

  8. Dirty L says:

    Hey Dirty L fan. take me out to the back of the shed.

  9. Fredi says:

    A beautiful fart, I wish that farts from girls were like this!
    That anus! I wanna kiss it!

  10. L says:

    While on the way to the savannah i think they can stop by yu kum kwik for a little asian flavour. And who is this new sargent Ross??? I hope he gets a call!

  11. koflegend says:

    Never knew vibrations can cause you to fart

    1. NomisTT says:

      At least that’s her excuse

  12. Anonymous says:

    Great ideas and perfect followup guys. Keep up the excellent work and creativity.

  13. Sixul says:

    Amazing Colored haha

  14. Dirty L Fan says:

    wow! another page already!
    nice asses, nice story and comic frames……have jockin to do!

    have to listen to the Dirty L track when ready this!

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