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15 comments on “Page 137

  1. Eggballer says:

    Thats a hella sexy teacher

  2. Eggballer says:

    Looks like a great school!

  3. Razordick says:

    Who uses toilet paper??

  4. Freddy-Kun says:

    I wanna lick Ninya’s anus!!

  5. Anonomitz says:

    Also, I don’t know what’s funnier, that’s there’s a magazine called “Fisting Today,” or the title’s implication that modern fisting is in some way different from fisting in the past. =)

    Apparently this ain’t your grandparents’ fisting, folks!

    Anyway, it’s still vague whether all of this is actually happening in the real world or if they’re still in some kind of hallucination.

  6. Anonomitz says:

    We continue to slowly learn the contours of what constitutes social normality in the post-Ordinance T&T. Drinking a flaming cocktail out of another woman’s ass is perfectly okay if a little unorthodox, but orally cleaning another woman like a cat? NOT cool. LOL

  7. Someone says:

    Why not wipe it with your brochure there?

  8. bashram ass lover says:

    Stephen Hawkin would be sooooo proud to see his comments make it
    to the BM universe!!!!

  9. Jimmy Schlong says:

    Ninya’s ass is very defined in this update!

    can’t wait to see what happens next….Jimmy Schlong waiting to ring in the new year with a new BM jam soon!

  10. Dirty David says:


    Ms. Bashram bamcee could use a cleaning!

    Her belly was wukkin! this song brings the thoughts of her belly wukkin
    “Jus ah feelin”

  11. Rmslee121 says:

    It tastes just like Dirty L’s chocolate. Try it!

  12. koflegend says:

    That is an odd request.

  13. BigButtFan says:

    Hahahahahahahaha. What a twist of events. Always do the toilet paper maths before hand! No pun intended

  14. Dirty L says:

    You must be a bit more respectful to those who educated you. LICK THAT BOTTOM CLEAN!

  15. Razordick says:

    Better out than in. Lol

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