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13 comments on “Page 142

  1. Gym Slip Audio Productions says:

    a soundtrack for some brutality to come!

    Femme and Sylvia ready for action!

  2. Metal Malleater says:

    Damn, that was delightfully savage haha

  3. rexter88 says:

    Sucks for the captain

  4. KNULLA! says:

    that knulla det ar vidright!

    whats disgusting you ask!?

    Captain Ross’s cadaver head?
    Or maybe Ross’s head in the purview of Sylvia’s nether region because Ross did like the sight of female?

    so open to interpretation!
    BM just keeps getting better and better at story telling

  5. Jim Slip rox! says:

    anytime I see dese chai-knee tings I want to hear this Dirty L and Gym Slip track!

  6. PressureIn Kahku Mountain says:

    lawwwwd! Ross circle back in the story!

    BM very strategic!

  7. lca4eva says:

    The detail improves every episode. Especially this one o_O

  8. L says:

    They dealt with the captain rell serious!! He had a nice view there in the end… Too bad he was rude… PLOP!

  9. Freddy-Kun says:

    Long time ago that I did’n seen Sylvia!

  10. koflegend says:

    Nice work.

  11. Rmslee121 says:

    Damn right, Captain Ross too disrespectful

  12. Razordick says:

    Definitely impressive. Wish i could get the human versions for one night.

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