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17 comments on “Page 143

  1. someoe says:

    Noticed Femmie’s gotten a bit of hair down there…!

  2. ShadowUnder says:

    Love how unique your art is and the taboo nature of each scene, and that goes with more than just the comic

  3. rexter88 says:

    Everybody loves Kung-Fu Fighting

  4. someone says:

    @lca4eva it really needs to be a live action TV series!

    Not really sure if that blood really came from Ross, or if it’s just Femmie’s time of the month…

  5. Professor Marvel says:

    Sum Ting Wong
    Wi Tu Lo
    Ho Li Shit
    Bang Ding Ow
    Fun bi ova, Modda Fokka.

  6. Gym Slip Audio Productions says:

    the soundtrack for brutality to come!

    Femme and Sylvia ready to drop some blows!

  7. JudgementCheeks says:

    The chinese girl vex about her bike being “stolen” and she’s been on a rampage since

  8. butylova95 says:

    Ok did any know wtf was the little korean girl talkin about? Lol

  9. SlyGuy says:

    I have crispy skin pork that could use similar treatment

  10. Razordick says:

    I wish one of them can pass thru by me and peel back my piggy.

  11. rmslee121 says:

    Ironic, the chinee ppl, talking bout little piggy go ahead, kill d fuckazzzzz

  12. Freddy-Kun says:

    Great! That white skinned ass of Silvia and those hearts coming from the Femmie’s ass

    How it could be the end?

  13. L says:

    Maybe he did deserve that. And Ron looks like a could supply some crispy skin pork 😀

  14. We are Venom says:

    This won’t end well!

  15. lca4eva says:

    This should be a video game. Seriously.

  16. Gym Slip says:

    Gym Slip have the soundtrack for the updates with the aggressiveness of the asian lady crew!

  17. Jimmy Schlong fan! says:

    asses and great storyline!

    dem chai-knee ready for war!

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