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Binary Moon Comic

11 comments on “Page 145

  1. someone says:

    First, the Flaming Ass, now Sylvia has to try the Tinkle Tequila!

  2. butylova95 says:

    Wow. Her soup speciality! 😉

  3. Freddy-Kun says:

    Great angle for the Chinese girl and delicious peeing!

    Waiting for more! 😀

  4. someone says:

    I hope we’ll get to see the girl peeing in his mouth from a few more angles before she finishes. Also, maybe you could have Ron and/or other guys pee sometime? They’d be shown fully dressed from behind, and just implied they are peeing, and of course, at least one of the girls would be in front watching, and/or watching over his shoulder, holding and aiming his thing! Again, don’t have to see it, it just be implied…

  5. lca4eva says:

    You got the broken English down pat.

    Nice dynamic poses too!

  6. Collin lingus says:

    Is it racist that I read her saying it in a Chinese accent?

    1. NomisTT says:

      We all know it’s impossible to be racist towards Chinese Mafia girls who wear no pants.

  7. pandemic jockist! says:


    picking up the pace here! Ron got a golden shower!
    wonder if it taste like soy sauce?

    1. NomisTT says:

      More like a golden mouth wash!

  8. L says:

    A crack baton gets pulled out the ass… and wanton soup gets sprayed out the pussy… You would think them asians giving you more than just the liquid in your soup 🙁

    1. NomisTT says:

      The baton was not pulled from the ass…look at the last page 😉

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