Binary Moon Comic
Binary Moon Comic

7 comments on “Page 146

  1. someone says:

    I hope we’ll see the girls puking sometime! Projectile vomiting would be nice…

  2. L says:

    I don’t think sylvie has a choice on the front or back. The only place she ain’t take it is the mouth but there’s another page coming folks

  3. Freddy-Kun says:

    Omg! Poor Sylvia, almost cut her breast 🙁
    This is a fight between a blondie, ebony and Chinese girls, 3 distinct races!

  4. Rmslee121 says:

    Check ass beating

  5. Razordick says:

    Love the colours. And the action.

  6. lca4eva says:

    Our heroes are looking worse than a dog in a Chinee restaurant.

  7. Gym Slipper says:

    Nice d action picking up man! Chinee versus darkie war! I love it! Fills the desires for this fetish

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