Binary Moon Comic
Binary Moon Comic

14 comments on “Page 147

  1. Darkburst78 says:

    Things are getting pretty intense, can’t wait for more.

  2. Benna Dick-Cummberbatch says:

    Now WOOD you look at dat! Time to get de fete started!

  3. Konkhra says:

    Brutal but so HOT

  4. Qualmful says:

    I hope this all ends at maximum with just beatings, and not with any death. For I, you see, am a wimp. X)

  5. buttlova95 says:

    Damn they’re doomed!

  6. koflegend says:


  7. Freddy-Kun says:

    Omg! poor Sylvia, that delicious anus
    The asian girls, those butts looks so hot

  8. lca4eva says:

    This looks like a set up to a big time plot twist!

  9. lca4eva says:

    Great action! Those dynamic poses are awesome!

  10. Razordick says:

    I need a blonde like that with a target like that

  11. Hans Rickheit says:

    Exquisite violence

  12. Bendwood shithole action lover says:

    not sure what is more kix yes…..
    “bend like yuh man wood” or “watch me stick this up her shithole”

    lovely curvey bamsee’s as usual.

  13. Dirty L says:

    Check how these asians give a whole new meaning to the term pegging XD

  14. eye of the tiger says:

    wow…watching Sylvia starfish makes me want to jock yes.

    and dem bad chinee ready for actions!

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