Binary Moon
Binary Moon

7 comments on “Page 15

  1. Qualmful says:

    That’s….actually a pretty big house they’ve got.

  2. NomisTT says:

    I think you’d provide a decent house for your bottomless super human girls if you were the Prime Minister too wouldn’t you? Even if it gets thrashed by a folk lore beast…

  3. Nudeslover878 says:

    enjoyed. I hope the conclusion. Your drawing style is very reminiscent of the scenes manga.
    I also do drawings and liked his style. Success to you.

  4. BloodKnight says:

    Keep the good work coming in guys. You’re doing awesome!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sly says:

    Loving the art style and combat scenes!

  6. NephilimDante says:

    Wow waiting for new stuff!!!!

  7. Jesus Torrealba says:

    Great perspective

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