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14 comments on “Page 154

  1. Fredi-Kun says:

    She got to pee!

  2. someone says:

    Even Jimmy Schlong has to take off his pants, especially on a hot stage! He could even wrap up the guitar in his pants to keep the strings from hitting him! Then he’d take off his underwear and toss it to Femmie! Maybe even squirt some pee in her direction!

  3. Jimmy Schlong Needs Pants! says:

    James Schlong here.
    I like that Jimmy Schlong keeps the pants on. Can’t be rocking out on stage and have my toti caught in a guitar cable and buss off!!!!

  4. someone says:

    Oh, she’s doing what she has sometimes caught Femmie doing while the latter looks at her pictures of Mr. Schlong bottomless! I’d like to see him peeing sometime, with his butt exposed! You don’t have to show the front, though teasing with a slight glimpse of his sack would be the least you could do, but just imply that it is exposed and Femmie’s looking at it! Better yet, have her watching over his shoulder, implying she’s holding and aiming his schlong!

  5. Logunede says:

    Awesome Nomis, Gorgeous!

  6. DarknessZeo says:

    Is she masturbating?

    1. NomisTT says:

      Why yes, yes she is 🙂

  7. Edrick says:

    Damn. Just came back to finish reading. Haven’t read a page since 2017. This comic got seriously awesome since then. Sylvia best girl, hope she gets to fart on someone

    1. NomisTT says:

      Keep on commenting regularly and you just might get your wish! 😉

  8. Gym Slip says:

    lovely profile! hands on the femme

  9. Boss Raven says:

    All I can say… Astonishingly hot~!

  10. VaginalSunlight says:

    For some strange reason this is quickly becoming my fav page yet

  11. buttlova95 says:

    Ooohhh looks like someone gotta kink 😉

  12. Razordick says:


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