Binary Moon Comic
Binary Moon Comic

11 comments on “Page 156

  1. someone says:

    I’d really like to see at least one futa in this comic. Just one is the least you could do…

  2. lca4eva says:

    The ass is back!

  3. someone says:

    You should have Ron and/or Jimmy pee sometime, again, bare butt in view, though in Jimmy’s case, a slight glimpse of his balls would be nice, except this time, Femmie would be holding and aiming his dick, and complementing how his crotch looks…

  4. Fredi-Kun says:

    Ninya pee a lot! Femmie, still farting hearts, both very exciting! Ninya’s ass and Femmie anus!

  5. OnlyFans Man says:

    About time Binary Moon get an page!
    I’d gladly pay to see these asses IRL. moon

    Nice ring to it!

  6. James Schlong says:

    Come in from a ass and will leave in an ass!

    Let’s go!

  7. buttlova95 says:

    Femmes is letting her ass do the talking hahaha

  8. Dirty L says:

    At this point I’m surprised that neither of the three females have been fucked as yet! make a page where that fart turns into a shit and that shit is used by Ron to fuck out Silvie that sweet little piece of white ass while Ninya sucks some cock. I see this comic has also touched on alot of fetishes… Like a school… with no school girls…

  9. Razordick says:

    Artistry second to none

  10. Ass'N'9 says:

    Finally a new release from the season break. (*double pun ftw*)

  11. Hans Rickheit says:

    New page! Happy to see the strip still moves forward!

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