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12 comments on “Page 157

  1. BUMblebee Tuna says:

    Sweet Jesus I’m lost. Which arc are we in? (*clicks back to read the previous pages*)

  2. lca4eva says:

    Now what is Terrence Mammy?

  3. Boss Raven says:

    Very well done. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  4. Fredi-Kun says:

    Two anus! lovely
    Femmie’s one is clean, but Ninya don’t have wipe her ass properly πŸ™

  5. Dirty L says:

    Stuff is always coming out the asses… Never going in… These girls gonna lose some weight if they don’t start taking things inside them eh!

  6. Gym Slip says:

    Ah well well…Jimmy Schlong skinnin open bamsee now in the BM universe!?

    Might inspire a new track entitled
    “Open Hole Melody”?!

    let’s see what the future holds

  7. Terrance Mammy! says:

    oh gad oye! how d ass alyuh go be calling my blasted name
    in yuh Binary Moon bisness eh!

    cover up my name one time!

  8. buttlova95 says:

    Hmmm it really doesn’t make sense at all

  9. Boss Raven says:

    Well done! Nice view of ass! πŸ˜‰

  10. Rexter88 says:

    They have a nice smell out of their ass.

  11. Razordick says:

    Terrence mammy!hahaha

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