Binary Moon Comic
Binary Moon Comic

7 comments on “Page 21

  1. Anonymous says:

    good ass

  2. Tony Nagal says:


    ingenious way to get the cameos in!

  3. Rhe says:

    That guy is so hilariously thirst! Beating off and the tissue is there too! Lmao

  4. PrinceMekemekethe3rd says:

    what a peaceful neighborhood lol

  5. Bloodknight says:

    Guys youre doing such an awesome job with this. Keep it coming. Oh and thanks for the fix lol.

  6. Bloodknight says:

    How you know I have a pic of Jason on de wall lol. Nice work guys. Another thing why I looking at the TV and beating off?

    1. NomisTT says:

      You’re right man, we’ll fix this right away. And of course we know the other things 🙂 What do you think happens when you’re asleep?

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