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Binary Moon Comic

10 comments on “Page 23

  1. Sushi says:

    The Colors fit is so smoothly and it looks so good i would love to smell that ass

  2. JaBans says:

    I don’t know how he survived that!

  3. Dred says:

    I wouldn’t lie….this is a page turner Nomis. Art is amazing too. The fart attack is killing me!

  4. Ross says:

    Haaaa that some funny shit

  5. BauSkinner says:

    Loooove it soooo much!! Until now this is one of the best fart attack of the comic!

  6. Jesus Torrealba says:

    i think that the wolf cock is like a rock 😉

  7. PrinceMekemekethe3rd says:


  8. luvthykraft says:


  9. MrNyou says:

    When you open the gates, you can’t fight what comes out of them. I like your posing, the dialogue, the reaction from the victim, and of course the choice of the weapon. Very nice.

  10. BloodKnight says:

    Lmao!!!!!!!! Gyal what yuh eat!!!!!!!

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