Binary Moon
Binary Moon
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Page 3

Such flatulent effects do happen to us all at some point…

19 comments on “Page 3

  1. Sushi says:

    Awesome, I loved how you drawed those perfect peached bums, I would love to see many more of this. Also very stinky Fart

  2. Ross says:

    So I started reading it I’m Gona continue this page was funny asf

  3. MIssy says:

    I love the imagery of the deadly fart! Lol! Well caught.

  4. BauSkinner says:

    The first fart attack of the comic! *-*

  5. Magnus Greel says:

    Oh that’s what it is… I was just thinking “Whatever’s happening, that’s really beautiful!”

  6. PrinceMekemekethe3rd says:

    What a ambush!

  7. harlan says:

    Great use of line, color, and blurring to convey action. That kick looks like it **really** hurt.

  8. Ryu-Hamatoshi says:

    Omg! Haven’t expected this! XD
    what a blast though. lol
    I like how the story goes so far as they wearing no pants since the begining! (:

  9. Ryu-Hamatoshi says:

    Omg! Haven’t expected this! XD
    What a blast though. lol
    So far i like how the story goes as they both wearing no pants since the
    begining! (:

  10. Marius says:

    >~<; ACK!

  11. BloodKnight says:

    The visual is awesome. “What yuh eat woman”

  12. RAE says:

    i like how the story start bottomless!!! and that fart look like the lingering one that just stays on your clothes.

  13. Nix says:

    Toxic fart 😀

  14. Kortney wood says:

    Did the fart stink?

  15. sarka says:

    I love the artful visualization of that fart!

  16. Kaemede says:

    Very funny to see that you made the,
    Left-Women eyes red,
    Just by taking ‘it’ directly on her face!

  17. Kortney wood says:

    Do you think it was a bubbly sounding fart? Or do you think it smelled bad?

  18. NomisTT says:

    What did she eat indeed…I’d say with the amount of gas it must be boiled chataigne.

  19. andy markus says:

    this is the best page! what did femmie eat? it looks like it stinks!

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