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Page 5

A little bit of irony in Ninya’s statement don’t you think?

11 comments on “Page 5

  1. Fitilas III says:

    The first panel reminds me of Jojo

  2. harlan says:

    Interesting use of the Pizza guy’s head to avoid a frontal nude.

  3. Marius says:

    Uh. ._.

  4. BloodKnight says:

    I like the rendering of paleness in the bottom lip to describe the fear he’s feeling.

  5. RAE says:

    HAHA, LAGAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. pongkin says:

    Laga… who? *deds* that’s a clever one

  7. Hornyabsol says:

    Heh. Later on have a faux Pokemon battle between a girl and an anthro female Pokemon. Farting attacks only~

    Can’t wait to see who (or what) this Laga is~

  8. Hans Rickheit says:

    Action Girls, Flatulate! This is shaping up to be a really fun comic. The new logo is sharp. I look forward to reading more!

  9. Kaemede says:

    What is he trying to escape of?!

    And second,
    It might be someting very horrible,
    Since ‘he’s seeing’ what ‘he’s seeing’,
    And isn’t reacting to her!

    What might be?!
    (very anxious for the next page)

  10. Qualmful says:

    Heyyyyy…dig dat crazy logo!

    And that is some fierce hatred in her eyes at even the partial mention of…whatever word “Laga” begins. Hatred that looks damn lethal.

    I expect some dark Lagas shall soon be met in the face with some serious SNEAKER action. XD

    1. NomisTT says:

      Hi Qualm! Please don’t be alarmed, that is more a look of annoyance. Just as you would feel if someone repeatedly pressed your doorbell!

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