Binary Moon
Binary Moon

9 comments on “Page 6

  1. Kaemede says:

    Wai-Wait What?!
    Suddenly it turns to other type!
    Her speech is just what i thought!

  2. Qualmful says:

    Aw, JEEZ! That poor guy.

  3. RAE says:


  4. BloodKnight says:

    What De ass is right!!!!!

  5. Marius says:

    What De ass! XD

  6. Ryu-Hamatoshi says:

    …Poor pizza guy… Atleast he saw some nice pussy before his very ending! XD

  7. harlan says:

    Indeed a nice looking pussy. REALLY nice conveying a major impact from the beastie.

  8. Magnus Greel says:

    Now he IS a pizza. Har har har.

  9. Jimmy schlong says:


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