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Binary Moon Comic

13 comments on “Page 7

  1. PrinceMekemekethe3rd says:

    oh my pizza boy!

  2. harlan says:

    This is great. The very first thing that went through my head, as I put myself in our heroines’ thoughts, was “Ooooo, they’re fucked!” I always like moments like that.

  3. Liam Lee says:

    The details are whats making me want to continue this story, your artist is truly amazing. And i have a suggestion for a more dramatic effect, how about the next time a transformation occurs show it in intervals eg, while throwing a punch his hand were to be changing or while while talking a headshot of his face getting veiny and flesh exposing itself.

    1. Liam Lee says:

      You defenitely have the rescources to pull it off

    2. Evans R******* says:

      Yea if you do it in stages it will be more awesome

  4. Marius says:

    Holy shit. o3o;

  5. BloodKnight says:

    Awesome lagahoo design.

  6. Devaishwarya Neeramanii says:

    I love the artwork.

  7. Qualmful says:

    What the hell did he DO to that poor pizza guy?!? It’s like he just blew up.

  8. Tmar says:

    Awesome! Funny and thrilling. Want to see sorry unfold. As for “why no pants” I say why not (no pants). Lol. I get it though 🙂 Great start. Love the fact that they speak Trini, doh mind the pizza boy look Guyanese. No offense to Guyanese viewers.

  9. Kaemede says:

    Why is He (She or It) holding a coffin?

    And why did it had done that?!

    1. NomisTT says:

      What you see here is a Lagahoo.

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