Binary Moon Comic
Binary Moon Comic

9 comments on “Page 86

  1. Fredi-Kun says:

    Those beautiful butts

  2. Remy-007 says:

    Hahahahaha, really a mess but funny i like it’s dinamic, and just hope The Bumsee Fly increase the sketches = D

    1. NomisTT says:

      Hahahah 😀 Thank you for your feedback. We are working on another Bumsee Fly File as well 😉 Stay tuned!

  3. Jimmy schlong says:

    Pressure! Plenty bumcee action to catch up on!

  4. Andre says:

    Such a mess. It’s fun getting soaked in goo, but a nice bath will fix everything. And yes, it’s quite an end to hope for – three. 😉

  5. Koflegend says:

    Boring but someone has to say it. Clean up isle 86.

    1. NomisTT says:

      Hope you don’t think the page is boring 🙁

  6. Liam Lee says:

    Poetry in it’s most decadent form. But at least they decide to bathe after rather than just not take the risk 😉

  7. rmslee121 says:

    Ummm….. Ewwwww lol. Let them hurry and clean up.

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