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No one knows how or why they just suddenly arrived. What is known is that their very existence and subsequent development with us caused ripple effects on a local, global, and maybe even on a cosmological scale. Our society already struggling with its own growing pains were in no way ready for the this sudden shift in the paradigm. Some looked at them with awe, others with disgust, some even eventually formed extremist movements, for and against. In the end after this society’s rapid and almost brutal forced change, most welcomed what they had seemed to eventually be….our guardians and protectors from new horrors that started appearing not too long after their arrival.

Questions, there were so many of them. What gave them their powerful abilities, yet also made them so subject to the most basic human condition also? We eventually got them to reluctantly agree that our scientific teams may study them on certain terms and conditions, and also periodically. What we discovered so far about them was nothing less than amazing. The rapid healing factor, the uncanny agility, and above average strength were all things which made certain other then “Super Power” nations nervous. Why was it that only after their appearance on Earth that the monstrous creatures also soon became a new reality? Were they followed here? Why? So many questions, not enough answers!

Despite their quite apparent and visible…condition if one might call it that, they have settled in well to their new adopted home. Thanks to the many who did their very best to keep an open mind to them and to fight off the biases and fear of the wider society. For those of us who were there with them from the beginning all agree that if we did not treat them with the respect and kindness, things could have been disastrously different. They do not have to follow our rules. They do not have to protect us. They could destroy us if they really wanted to. However they have chosen to work with us, even though at times it has proven difficult.

Other nations have taken a huge interest in our little micro-state since they came to discovery. It made us an over-night wonder of the world. But for all that sudden and unexpected fame and attention, we still maintained our sovereignty. They helped us with that as well.

Of all the questions, there is still the first one that remains baffling to most in the urbanised world from the highest intellectual elite to the lowest common denominator on the street. A question that was there when we first found them.

Why the hell can they not wear pants!!!???

12 comments on “Synopsis

  1. Boss Raven says:

    Hello, Nomistt. Sorry on going dark, things have been tough these few months.

  2. Boss Raven says:

    Will you be submitting your newer comics there soon? I am no longer on DA, so I’m never informed on your status.

    Do you have Discord?

    1. NomisTT says:

      Yes, here is my channel: Expires after one day

  3. Boss Raven says:

    Hey. What happened with your Bumsey Comics on Pixiv?

    1. NomisTT says:

      Unfortunately, I was suspended (Most likely banned) from Pixiv. However you will be able to see everything completely uncensored on baraag. They do not believe in censorship so go to my profile here:

  4. Expand Dongsmith says:

    Yes yes, this is all an amazing synopsis. And I completely agree with all of these philosophies…but you mentioned something about “ripple effects”. So, with that in mind- I’m going to assume that Nomis could be a Hamon user. Berry niceu.
    Glad to be a member.

  5. Magnus Greel says:

    Oh, this is great. You really set us up well with the situation, giving some weight to it all, then the punchline.

  6. Comic Lover says:

    Great comic! Please keep it up! Strange erotica with a new twist!

  7. Doctor Mondo says:

    I read this hearing your accent in my head- plus the voice of DMX/Mickey Mouse. Makes for an interesting read.

  8. CRoach says:

    Wait, hold on, what? No pants? I guess bottomless parties are more likely to happen then.

    1. NomisTT says:

      Bottomless parties are the only parties worth going to my friend! 😉

  9. Ry Guy says:

    Very interesting! For sure a unique spin on the super-hero thing Nomis. The art work looks fantastic too! Looking forward to more.

    PS: Great title. Binary Moon…. I see what ya did there lol.

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