Binary Moon
Binary Moon
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The Bumsee Fly Files

WARNING!!! These mini-comics are mainly for our eproctophiliac (Fart Fetishist) fans! If girls farting and toilet humour isn’t your thing please go back or leave now! If it is then please enjoy and leave a comment! Consider yourself cautioned!

How it gets established (Part 4)
How it gets Established (Part 3)
How it gets established (Part 2)
Cousins make…
How it continues (2)
The Farm Girl
Laundry Day
Still Think it’s Sexy? (Part 2 The Revenge)
How it starts (Part 2)
Doesn’t smell like flowers!
How it gets established…
Tickle Troubles…
Still think it’s sexy?

The following web comic contains mature content of an erotic nature. Please only continue if you are of legal viewing age of such material for your jurisdiction.

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